Nature appears to rely on one core recurring pattern to evolve life at every scale – the torus.  The torus is a fundamental primary pattern. It is an energetic dynamic and a continuous surface with a hole in it. The energy flows in through one end, circulates around the center and exits out the other side. It is a ring shaped energy vortex that is fundamental to atoms, cells, planets, stars, galaxies and even the cosmos as a whole. Torus is the only energy pattern or dynamic that can sustain itself, and is made out of the same substance as its surroundings; like a tornado, a smoke ring in the air, or a water whirlpool. Torus is the main piece of this project. It searches for the visual confrontation between the world’s two most powerful whirlpools: Maelstrom Saltstraumen (2011) and Naruto's Maelstrom (2013). During the shooting, Japanese currents whirled in clockwise motion and Norwegian currents in the opposite direction. The movement converges, overflowing the image and collapsing into an imaginary point where the opposition of both currents creates an infinite loop. The link or union of the apparently unconnected forces reveals the toroidal dynamic that flows in every vortex interior.